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Cookies Policy

Last updated: January 2, 2023


A cookie is a small file sent from a website and stored on your computer or mobile device, to keep some configuration or tracking information locally. In the following we will explain how, why, and when we use cookies on our websites.

Making browsing more convenient

We use cookies on our websites for session management and retaining your settings or preferences.

For instance, we can use your IP-address (which is your unique license plate online) to detect your country and language you might prefer. This is possible because the IP-address reveals which country you are connecting from. If you chose another language manually, we use a cookie to store that preference. This can be relevant for instance if you travel abroad, and access through an IP-address in a country with a language other than the one you prefer.

For certain subdomains like addons.opera.com or forums.opera.com or auth.opera.com we use an authorization cookie. This cookie is set after you successfully authenticate at the website, for instance by username and password. The purpose of this cookie is to make authentication more convenient for you.

Measuring marketing campaigns

We may also use cookies for the purpose of statistics and measurement of marketing campaigns.

For example, we use Google Analytics service with the purpose of optimizing our websites. Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze how our webpages are used. Google Analytics generates statistics about the total number of visitors to our websites, what pages are visited most, where the user is coming from, and at what time the webpages are visited the most. Google Analytics makes this possible by establishing a unique Analytics ID for your device, the first time you visit our pages. This information can also be used for marketing campaigns.

Who is processing the data in addition to Opera

There are some third party cookies on our websites. For your overview, we list categories below.

  • Category A: Analytics, this is done for the purpose of optimizing our sites.
  • Category B: Marketing campaigns, with purpose to measure the effectivity of these.
  • Category C: Site availability, with the purpose of monitoring to what extent our sites are available.

Our websites may set cookies from the following partners:

Remember, you may configure a browser to reject third-party cookies via the settings menu.